Here is a list of the studies in which we are actively recruiting. For more information about a specific study, contact the Study Coordinator for that study.

HIV Studies

Functional Imaging Reserve in NeuroHIV (FIRN)

This study systematically characterizes brain efficiency and recruitment in virologically suppressed persons with HIV (PWH) and demographically similar HIV uninfected (HIV-) controls. This proposal collects advanced functional neuroimaging, quantitative measures of immune dysfunction in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and neuropsychological performance testing. Results of this study will provide powerful insight into the pathophysiology of disease and will reveal arenas for future possible interventions in PLWH who have impaired cognitive performance.

  • PWH and HIV- people ages 18-80
  • MRI
  • Memory testing
  • Blood work
  • Stool Sample (Optional)
  • Lumbar Puncture (Optional)

Contact John Doyle @ 314-747-1072 for more information

Down syndrome Studies

Down syndrome COVID-19 Study

This study assesses the physical, emotional, and social strain due to COVID-19 and the potential for accelerated aging in persons with Down syndrome and their Caregivers

  • Participants with Down syndrome and their Caregivers
  • Ages 18+
  • Questionnaires – Phone or Online
  • Follow up questionnaires approximately every 3-4 months for 1-2 years.

Contact Olga Del Rosario @ 314-747-1035 or Brittany Nelson @ 314-747-8425 for more information.

Alzheimer Disease Studies

Falls: A Marker of Preclinical Alzheimer Disease

Conversion to symptomatic Alzheimer disease (AD) is not an immediate process; rather, it develops slowly over a series of preclinical stages. Although symptomatic AD is characterized by progressive cognitive problems, growing evidence suggests that functional mobility abnormalities and an increase in falls may precede these memory issues. 

Falls are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the older adult population. Even though older individuals with AD have more than twice the risk of falls compared to the general population, everyday functional measures are not currently included in the evaluation of cognitively normal individuals with preclinical AD. This study will look at the relationship between falls, mobility and cognition/memory.

  • Must be enrolled in a study at the Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC)
  • >65 yo
  • No history of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Annual, in-home visits with an occupational therapist scheduled at a convenient time for you
  • Tests of balance and strength
  • Monthly reporting of any falls you pay experience

Contact Rebecca Bollinger @ 314-273-4119 or Regina Thompson @ 314-747-8421 for more information.